Best Bug Out Bag Contents Videos on YouTube

To get a sense of what your bug out bag should look like, feel like, and contain, it’s great to have a look at what other preppers are doing.  In this community, there are plenty of people who are willing to record and share what’s in their bug out bag contents!  Check out the following great examples from YouTube:

What’s In My Bug Out Bag? by gwynn1975:

And from across the pond, our condom-carrying friend, rodster6 offers up Bug Out Bag Survival kit:

For his first attempt at assembling a bug out bag, TheYankeeMarshall does a great job of detailing what would he’s packing in Bug Out Bag, Get Home Bag, Survival Bag: My first attempt at a BOB.

Those are some good examples, what’s in your bug out bag contents that these guys missed?

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